Celebrating the Asian Heritage Month of May,

May, 2019, Pan Asian Arts Alliance in partnership with Asian Media Access present the 8th Annual Pan Asian Arts Festival.

Come join us for a day of non-stop excitement with exhibition and performances of music and dance from all over Asian regions, performed by an incredibly diverse communities of local dancers and international dance groups.

The event is free and open to the public!

The year, we will focus specially on the Southeast Asian region, to celebrate their New Year with dances, music, fashions, and other demonstrations showcasing the local Southeast and oversea Southeast Asian talents.

Our oversea performers come from the Xijiang Miao/Hmong Village Performance Troupe. The estimated 9.4 million Miao/Hmong people in China mainly live in Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. This prestigious Performance Team is from the largest Miao/Hmong community of Leishan County in Southwest China’s Guizhou Province. The Performance Team is listed as a national-level historic cultural performance, and in 2011, it was selected as an AA-level tourist destination by the national government.

In the last couple of years, the Team has brought Miao/Hmong ethnic cultural performances to New York’s Times Square. Dancers wearing their ethnic costumes and jewelry, singing and dancing traditions have made a huge impression in New Yorkers. Their performance gave Americans an unlikely insight into China’s folk culture amid one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world – Xijian Miao/Hmong Village.

And this time, our international guests will visit Minnesota and showcase an hour of authentic Miao/Hmong traditional Music and Dances at one of our landmarks – the Mall of America.

They will perform following lineups:

1. Toasting Song 敬酒歌
Almost each ethnic group has its own peculiar customs of wine drinking. To present a
toast to guest with a song is the highest honoring etiquette.

2. Drum Dance 踩鼓舞
Drum dance is one of the traditional dance of Ethnic Miao people. People dance to the
rhythm of the drum and the vigorous dance representing the Ethnic Miao people’s

3. Traditional Love Songs
Song of spring is a love song for Miao youth. Young men and girls singing together to
express their love.

4. Lusheng dance 蘆笙舞
Lusheng is a reed-pipe wind instrument. Ethnic Miao people get together on festival
celebration and dance to the sound of Lusheng.

5. Pheasant dance 祭圖騰
This traditional dance present and reflect the ethnic Miao people’s worship of totem.
The dance’s costume resembles the appearance of pheasant as well the movement.

6. Melodies played with tree leaves 木叶声声

7. Group singing of Folk Songs

8. Group Dance
To celebrate the harvest, the ethnic Miao people get together to sing and dance and
they call it a dance of unity.

For more Info: www.panasianartsalliance.org

Sponsored by: Asian Media Access; Cambodian Wedding Dress; Lao Culture, Dance, and
Traditional Fashion Show of MN; Metro Regional Arts Council; MN Indonesian Society;
Pan Asian Arts Alliance; St. Paul CulturalSTAR; Thai Cultural Council of MN; Wat
Promwachirayan; and Wattanak Dance Troupe.